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SM-seniori muodostelmaluistelujoukkue – Helsingin Luistelijat ry

Sini Takala

14takalaBirthday: 12.10.1992
Started skating at 3-years old.

Sini, who is now the youngest member of our team, is now in MIU for her very first season. However, the senior division is nothing new to her, as she joined us from her old team Revolutions from ETK. Studying in her third year at SYK, this cheerful girl has impressed us with her determined and motivated attitude. At training, Sini is always smiling and spreads her positivity to those around her. In her free time she relaxes on the couch watching movies and hangs out with her friends. In the holidays, Sini enjoys travelling with her family and eating gourmet-foods.