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SM-seniori muodostelmaluistelujoukkue – Helsingin Luistelijat ry

Ida “Hertsi” Hellstrom

14hellströmBirthday: 22.7.1993
Started skating at 5-years old.

Energetic and positive Ida is now skating in MIU for her second year. With this open girl it’s easy to strike up a conversation about anything at all. Hertsi is a smart girl who often works as our team’s brains when it comes to rules and problems concerning technical things. Ida’s 15 years worth of skating experience shows on the ice in her strong individual skills and in technical expertise. This girl learns new things quickly and shines in even the most difficult aspects of synchronized skating. Our future lawyer Hertsi will be beginning her studies in law this autumn at the school of her dreams; the University of Helsinki.