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SM-seniori muodostelmaluistelujoukkue – Helsingin Luistelijat ry

Saga ”Sagge” Hägglund (C)

14hägglundBirthday: 6.7.1989
Started skating at 7-years old.

The oldest skater on our team, Saga, now began her sixth season in MIU. Warmhearted Saga’s strengths on the ice are soft cat-like movements as well as the confidence from her many years of experience. Even though Saga is one of our oldest troopers, she is still a little kid at heart. Some of her favourite pastimes include stargazing, playing with friends and just general silliness. Qualified sports masseuse Saga is an exemplary teammate, who has a knack for calming others and knows how to act in any situation. Saga, who knows how to enjoy even the smaller things in life, is the only ’80’s baby on our team and is proud of it.