Marigold IceUnity

SM-seniori muodostelmaluistelujoukkue – Helsingin Luistelijat ry

Anna “Hartsa” Siika-aho

14siika-ahoBirthday: 8.7.1991
Started skating at 5-years old.

Happy and outgoing Hartsa is a third year Marigold. She is studying to become a physiotherapist, which really suits this energetic girl, as she is super interested in the well being of the human body. Hartsa is great at analyzing the effects that different physical activity and nutrition have on the body and mind. Hartsa is a talkative and well-meaning girl who has a great sense of humour. She is never lost for words and with her it’s easy to get lost in conversation about the deeper meanings of life. On the ice, Hartsa’s strengths are perseverance and determination, which aren’t rocked by even the biggest challenges that come her way.